D.I. Dubrovsky
To the issue of the biosocial problem in the conditions of the global crisis of the world civilizations
S.S. Akimov
Modeling the investment portfolio by identification of the distribution law
M.I. Kazakova, T.V. Shurmina
Business game as a method of motivation of young teachers of educational institutions
E.T. Korshunova
Some of the provisions of the methodology for assessing the effectiveness of the strategy for sustainable development of enterprises of the gas industry
N.A. Lebedeva, L.P. Poletaeva, P.S. Svezhincev
Adaptive approach to the formation of energy-saving programs
S.D. Lipatova
Coaching as a style of innovative human capital management
E.V. Lysenko, А.А. Spitsyna
Building loyalty to the company through training in the corporate university
I.M. Marenkov
The retrospective analysis of the condition of industrial production in Russia
Y.E. Kazakova, O.V. Okhotnikov
Youth labour market: expectations of university graduates
O.Yu. Ponomareva, S.F. Zvereva, N.I. Karpova 
Management of contentment work employees through flexible system stimulating
I.A. Belyaev
Basic ideals of modern culture in the context of ideas of D.V. Pivovarov
A.S. Krasnoperova, V.A. Zhilina
Phenomenological description of decisive level of subject- object interaction
R.Yu. Rakhmatullin, E.R. Semenova, A.I. Stoletov
Image a s a reslt of generalization of scientific knowledge
E.V. Uskova
Qualia is the central element of the theory of consciousness?
N.A. Zemlyanushnov
The failures analysis of vehicles units and systems caused by the relaxation of automobile springs