Academic journal “Intellekt. Innovatsii. Investitsii” [“Intelligence. Innovations. Investments”] appeared in 2008.

ISSN 2077-7175.

The mass media registration certificate - PI № FS 77-54611.

Working languages: Russian, English and German.

The journal is available on the territory of Russian Federation and abroad.

In 2010 the title was scheduled into the list of peer-reviewed journals covering the main findings of theses for Doctoral and Candidate Degrees.

The journal is included in the e-catalogue of scientific and technical literature of National Institute for Scientific and Technical Information of Russian Academy of Science (VINITI RAS).

It is registered in the database of Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). The published articles are available in RSCI system, National Electronic Library ( and the journal web-site.

The subscription index in the catalogue of the national press “Pochta Rossii” [Russian Post] has the number of 16478.

The journal calls for original scientific articles presenting the research findings which have novelty and present interest for readers (terms of publication).

Main research areas:

05.22.01 - Transport and transport-technological systems of the country, its regions and cities, organization of production in transport;
05.22.10 - Operation of road transport;
08.00.05 - Economics and management of the national economy (by industry and field of activity);
08.00.10 - Finance, money circulation and credit;
08.00.12 - Accounting, statistics;
09.00.01 - Ontology and the theory of knowledge;
09.00.03 - History of Philosophy;
09.00.04 - Aesthetics;
09.00.05 - Ethics;
09.00.08 - Philosophy of science and technology;
09.00.11 - Social philosophy;
09.00.13 - Philosophical anthropology, philosophy of culture;
09.00.14 - The philosophy of religion and religious studies.

The journal is published quarterly; the articles are submitted according to the schedule.

The papers are double–reviewed and checked on plagiarism (review order) during 2-4 weeks.

Please submit by e-mail: