For authors


 1. Scientific (practical) and review articles are accepted for publication.

1.1 The following requirements are imposed on the content of a scientific (practical) article:

- in the introductory part, the urgency and expediency of developing a topic (a scientific problem or task) must be justified;

- in the main part of the article, by analyzing and synthesizing information, it is necessary to disclose the problems investigated, the ways to solve them, the rationale for possible outcomes, and their reliability;

- in the final part, it is necessary to summarize, formulate conclusions, recommendations, indicate possible directions for further research.

1.2 The content of the review article (review) is subject to the following requirements:

- the review should analyze, compare and identify the most important and promising areas of development of science (practice), its individual activities, phenomena, events, and so on;

- the material should be problematic, demonstrate conflicting views on the development of scientific (practical) knowledge, contain conclusions, generalizations, summary data.

2. The list of necessary data in the article:

- UDC, full name of the author or authors (in Russian and English);

- details of the author or authors: academic degree, academic title, position, place of work (in Russian and English, as in the organization's Charter);

- the electronic address, the address for postal correspondence;

- abstract, which should contain a brief version of the article and have a clear structure (except philosophy): goals, research methods, relevance, main results (100-250 words, in Russian and English);

- keywords (4-7 words) to the article (in Russian and English);

- title of the article (in Russian and English);

- the text of the article;

- references in Russian and English, at least 10 points are recommended. Registration in accordance with the international bibliographic standard.

3. The material should be typed in the text editor MicrosoftWord in the format * .dos or * .docx;

- Font: TimesNewRoman, 14 pt, line spacing 1.5 pt.

- Text alignment: width.

- Fields: left 3 cm, right 1.5 cm, top 1.5 cm, bottom 2 cm.

4. Graphic material should be executed in a graphic editor. Scanned charts, tables, charts are not allowed. The photos presented in the article must be sent in a separate file in * .tiff or * .jpg formats with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. All graphic materials must be black and white, full-color drawings are not accepted.

5. References to the primary sources in the text are enclosed in square brackets indicating the number from the list of references.

6. Articles, drawn up without observing these requirements, are not considered by the editorial board.

The articles should be sent by e-mail:

If you have any questions, please contact us by e-mail (

or by phone: +7 (3532) 37-24-53.

7. No fee is charged for manuscript submissions.

DOI assignment — 400 RUB.

Purchase of a printed copy of the journal — 350 RUB or by subscription.

Postal delivery of a printed copy — according to the tariffs of Russian Post.