M.S. Oborin
Knowledge management as a way of updating theoretical and practical knowledge
L.A. Gafarova
Main-determinants of the wage dynamics
E.A. Gurianova
Influence of characteristics of organizational structure of management on transactional costs of the organization 
M.P Dekina
Multilevel models in the analysis of wages in the Russian Federation
V.P. Kovalevsky
Modeling and forecasting of prices for automobile fuel
N.P. Krylova, E.N. Levashov 
Informal employment in the regional labor market
N.A. Lebedeva, P.S. Svezhincev
Methodical aspects of the program of energy saving in the construction company
A.P. Martynov
Statistical analysis of the trends of migration processes in the company town of the Orenburg region
Y.E. Kazakova, O.V. Okhotnikov
Youth labor market: mutual expectations of graduates and employers (comparative analysis)
A.V. Churashkina
Methodical approaches for assessment of the strategic development of entrepreneurial structures
N.V. Goncharov
Explication of the economic bases of human existence in ancient philosophy
N.N. Ravochkin
Linguistic turn: social and philosophical potential
V.A. Buzin
Planning of expenditure of special liquids for maintenance of automobiles
S.V. Bulatov
Improving the efficiency of passenger transport enterprise by dynamic programming method
A.V. Gritsenko, K.V. Glemba, O.N. Larin, L.A. Shefer, G.N. Salimonenko, A.G. Karpenko, V.V. Rudnev, M.V. Nazarov
Control of environmental parameters of cars by imitation of different ice loading modes by creating resistance of issue