CONTENTS № 1’ 2019


L.S. Leontyeva 

Aggregate organizational culture as a managerial resource for regional development


V.B. Kondusova, V.A. Bakhina 

Labor market tensions: a regional perspective 

S.S. Kuzmin

Methodology of paradigms in corporate growth research 

V.A. Leventsov 

Conceptual bases of relational interactions of modern industrial enterprises 

I.M. Marenkov 

Innovations in Russian industry: state and development prospects 

L.N. Orlova, Wang Chun Lan

Theoretical aspects of managing quality change in business

K.Zh. Sadvokasova, G.S. Kodasheva

Assessment of financial stability of the activities of the banks of the second level of Republic of Kazakhstan in the conditions of growing uncertainty 

A.A. Tarchokova

Features of the Indian economy’s investment appeal formation in the process of innovative 

V.A. Chernenko, Yu.O. Lyadova

Public financing of industrial enterprises of the corporate sector of the economy


Ya.V. Leonovich 

The phenomenon of visual communication in the modern Internet environment 

A.V. Sukhorukikh

The actualization of the humanitarian paradigm and philosophy of education on the example of learning strategies in the USA 

N.R. Khamidullin 

Features of national socio-political thought X-XIII centuries 


D.H. Nesterenko

Investigation of the influence of the structure of motor traffic on the efficiency of the use of the road network section

A.A. Filippov, I.F. Suleimanov, M.A. Arslanov

Theoretical foundations of an integrated approach to the assessment of the environmental risk of vehicles in the urbanized area

A.N. Yakubovich, I.A. Yakubovich

Forecasting climate change impact on the functionality of the transport infrastructure in the cryolith zone of Russia