I.R. Kurnysheva
Interrelations of structural changes and taxes (methodological aspect)
A.G. Zeldner
Management in the system of socio-economic development of Russia
L.N. Ivanova-Shvets
Factors limiting innovative activity: a territorial aspect
K.V. Kikilashvili
Transformations of the oil industry of Russia and the USSR: comparative analysis
D.A. Kuzin, A.S. Kuzin
Studying of influence of factors on economic development of the member countries of the CIS
N.P. Kuzmich
Land administration in the sphere of housing construction
V.S. Osipov
Policy of digitalization: the need to protect a labour
Yu.V. Sazhin, A.A. Ganina 
The statistic research of the deviant behavior in modern society
О.S. Smotrina, A.S. Korennaya
Methodic of estimation of crisis management of enterprise of agro industrial complex
A.M. Khezhev, A.V. Kabulov
Balanced system of indicators as a tool for managing the value of the company
A.P. Tsypin
Studying of transformation of economy of the post-soviet countries by methods of the system analysis and statistics
A.A. Byron
Belief and knowledge in the system of philosophical views of B.N. Chicherin
T. K. Kerimov, I.V. Krasavin
A problem of complexity: on multiple nature of structure
P.V. Lyashenko
To the problem of the conceptual bases of the utopia in ancient philosophy
K. Olimov
Contribution of Russian scientists to the development of social sciences in Tajikistan (by the example of academician A.A. Semenov and E.E. Bertels)