A.E. Suglobov
Evaluation of external and mutual trade of the Russian federation on the basis of data of customs statistics
M.Yu. Archipova, E.V. Afonina
Modern trends of development of small business enterprises in the coal industry
M.I. Glinskaya
The future of employment: transformation class of the precariat
S.Y. Dmitriev 
Information support for external financial control at the municipal level
D.B. Kulumbetova, A.S. Snasapina
Features of bank marketing in the republic of Kazakhstan at the modern stage of economic development
S.V. Laptev, F.V. Filina 
Competition politics as instrument of innovative model forming of the economic development
Z.S. Tujakova, G.B. Sarsembayeva
Classification of costs for grain production as objects of administrative accounting
N.A. Sherbakov
Features of changes in the course of economic policy of Russia
V.A. Zhilina, T.A. Bashirova
Apriori technical modeling of the world in the mechanisms of consciousness
A.I. Muss
Human as the mortal being in cognitive science: philosophical-anthropological perspective
D.B. Polyakov
Michel Foucault's «Microphysics of power » in the theory of postanarchism
T.D. Sterledeva
Subjectity and objectity in aspect of electronic virtual reality
A.M. Arslanov, S.M. Minatullaev
Simulation of the rhythmicity of the system «routes of transportation-storage-retraining item» 
E.R. Domke, S.A. Zhestkova, V.Yu. Akimova 
Increase of efficiency of petroleum products delivery to building objects based on use of linear programming method
A.P. Poslavskiy, V.V. Sorokin, A.A. Fadeev
Development of diagnostic assurance of heat exchangers vehicles