L.I. Bushueva
Comprehensive evaluation model of conditions and development of competitive environment in the regional market of consumer goods and services
V.V. Bobrova, L.V. Kirkhmeer
System of indicators of ecological and social development of the extractive region
M.V. Kislinskaya, S.V. Sharohina, O.E. Pudovkina
Trinitarian systems in assessing the quality of management systems of organizations
B.M. Lyamin
Theoretical aspects of innovative investment activity of companies of the trade industry
S.S. Poloskov
The importance of intellectual capital for high-tech science intensive enterprises
A.P. Tcypin 
The retrospective analysis of development of industrial production of the republics of USSR in 1950-1990
E.M. Nadyrova
Modern concepts on the economic essence of cryptocurrency: bitcoin case study
N.V. Goncharov
Ontological aspects of existential identity in the philosophical concepts of K. Marx, F. Nietzsche and M. Scheler
S. V. Kalikanov
New world order and human freedom
S.P. Kovtun, A.A. Shishkinа 
On the essence of anthropocentrasis in modern philosophical concepts
M.V. Manannikova
The problem of the relationship between human and society in psychoanalytical philosophy
R.Yu. Rakhmatullin
Practice as the epistemological category 
E.D. Guzha, V.A. Romanenko, M.A. Skorokhod
Regional airport timetable optimization considering transfer passenger traffic
N.A. Zemlyanushnov, N.Y. Zemlyanushnova
Theoretical background of the technology of automobilesprings from hardened spring wire recovering
A.V. Puzakov, Ya.Yu. Osaulko
Development of model of a thermal condition of the automotive alternator