Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Place of employment: Director of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Member of the dissertation council D002.015.04.

Subjects and number of published scientific works: logical-semantic research and comparative philosophy. Specialist in the history of classical Arabic philosophy. In the field of philosophical comparative studies, he developed a methodology and created a theoretical apparatus for the analysis of inologic culture, which makes it possible to identify stable patterns of creation and functioning of semantic structures both in the field of theoretical activity and beyond, their difference from similar patterns characteristic of the Western tradition. The use of this methodology in specific studies allowed us to solve the problem of describing culture as a semantic integrity and to overcome the traditional deadlock confrontation between universalism and particularism. In the field of history of classical Arabic philosophy, he conducted work in all areas of historical and philosophical research from the translation and commentary of the monuments of the classical period to the writing of generalizing works. He developed the most complete concept of the historical-philosophical process in classical Arab-Muslim society today, studied in detail the main philosophical schools and directions (mutazilism, falsehood, Ismailism, Ishrakism, Sufism), given a systematic description of classical Arabic philosophy (general concept, central problems , philosophical categories, developmental logic).

89 scientific papers have been registered in the RSCI; Scopus - 5 scientific papers.

Hirsch Index: RISC - 13, Scopus - 1.