Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Economics, Professor

Place of employment: Head of the Department of Statistics and Econometrics of St. Petersburg State University of Economics

The chairman of the dissertation council D 212.354.21.

Winner of the medal of V. Leontiev "Achievements in the field of economics", was awarded the Order of Friendship.

Subjects and number of published scientific papers: social statistics and demography, history of statistics and economic thought, measurement of the shadow economy. The main scientific contributions are: typology of family groups, the structure and functions of intergenerational ties, the interrelation of the development of Russian and foreign statistics, analysis of the penetration of the ideas of Western economists into Russian economics, the system of direct and indirect methods of measuring ties, methods of measuring the shadow economy.

245 scientific papers have been registered in RSCI; Scopus - 3; WoS - 1.

Hirsch Index: RSCI - 26.

e-mail: irinaeliseeva@mail.ru