A.S. Bobyleva
Depreciation policy as an incentive factor of fixed capital reproduction
M.Ts. Budazhanaeva, T.Ts. Budazhanaeva
Mathematics and statistical modeling of credit rating of agricultural organizations in the region
V.Dz. Kuz'menkova, N.V. Moskaleva
Clustering of regions: experience of the Smolensk region
N.V. Luzhnova, I.B. Beregovaya, I.A. Taranukha
The choice of promotion tools in the process of the advertising campaign organization in the internet
E.E. Matveeva
The development of regional agrarian and industrial complex in the conditions of competitiveness
O.N. Mirkina
Trends of development of agricultural mechanical engineering in Russia
G.E. Iritsyan
The biological background of militaristic tehdehcies in the modern society
P.V. Opolev
The influence of simple technical objects and complex information systems on the human dimension
A.M. Petrunin
General notion of the wisdom as a methodological base for understanding the essence of Russian idea and the process of the globalization
V.V. Zyryanov, R.R. Zagidullin
Method of assessment and selection of traffic organization option when holding large-scale mass actions
M.I. Filatov, S.V. Bulatov
Determining the need for paint and varnish materials on a passenger transport enterprise
N.N. Yakunin, A.I. Suhanova, V.V. Kotov
Study of the regularities of passengers transportation by passenger taxi
E.A. Vanshina, V.V. Vanshin
Associative drawings creation technology on engineering graphics based on the three-dimensional modeling
I.V. Parfenov, A.N. Polyakov
Development of technique for reducing the time of machines full-scale thermal testings 
S.G. Judash, V.A. Bishel, R.F. Mambetov, V.M. Kushnarenko, R.N. Uzyakov, E.V. Ganin
Analysis of causes of pipelines failures, transporting hydrogen sulfide-containing oil and gas materials