A.A. Alabugin
Methodology of integration management of intellectual, research and investment resources increasing efficiency of neoindustrial technological development of systems 
L.A. Boriskova, N.V. Nosov
The improvement of management system of underperforming stocks
M.V. Galushko, A.Sh. Akulova
Problems of development of small business in the Orenburg region and ways of their solution
V.V. Dorzhieva
The strategy of new industrialization and its role in the long-term socio-economic development
N.V. Inochkina
Assessment of the socio-economic factors influence on the results of small enterprises activity in Russia
O.F. Lapaeva, S.A. Dedeeva
Improvement of organizational and economic management model of the electric power industry of the region
V.S. Orlova
The arctic tourism is the innovative impulse of the European north development
A.V. Oficerov
Instruments of complex innovation projects controlling in instrument-making industry
M.V. Pigunova
Research of strategic management problems of the balanced investment and innovative development in manufacturing industry
O.N. Dyachenko
Rreedom as a fundamental basis of the human person in the western European medieval philosophy
E.G. Logunova, O.A. Logunova
Egoistical and unselfish motives of mercy
M.N. Lyashchenko
Socio-anthropological premises of loneliness
E.V. Uskova
Consciousness and unconsciousness: evolutionary advantages of consciousness
N.R. Khamidullin
The policy foundations in the western world: historical and philosophical analysis
Yu.V. Rodionov, A.A. Vojnov
The failure cause analysis of ball bearings of passenger cars