T.A. Dubrova

Analysis of conditions and features of development of small and medium-sized enterprises in manufacturing


T.V. Aytyan

Special aspects of stimulation of scientific researches and development of pharmaceutical industry in the USA and European countries

T.V. Gaponenko

Development of the system of diagnostics of organization intellectual resources

M.I. Ermilova

The factors that reduce the effectiveness of the Russian mortgage system

Y.V. Makarova

Global gas market development: the role of LNG

E.A. Miroshnikova

The role and the importance of the strategic analysis in the management of business units


L.I. Bezrukova

Aggression in men’ mentally-spiritual existence

M.V. Lutsev

Ideology in the context of modern authoritarian social consciousness: the Russian theory and practice

M.N. Lyashchenko

The phenomenon of solitude in the context of ontology

L.Yu. Pisarchik

A. Koyré: the history of science as the expression of the unity of human thought

N.N. Ravochkin

Philosophical foundations of creation the political and legal institutes in the new time epoch

S.M. Khalin, A.O. Lyovkina

Phenomenon of power and its influence on the social innovation development


E.S. Maslov

Logistic functions virtualization - innovation method of intelligent transport systems management

A.N. Jakubovich, I.A. Jakubovich

Analysis of the multidimensional impact of climate change on the operation safety of the road network of the permafrost zone of Russia

N.N. Yakunin, K.A. Parshakova, N.V. Yakunina

Modeling of optimal interval movement of passenger vehicles