A.G. Zeldner
Mixed economy based on the public private partnership is a foundation for national model of Russia development
G.G. Aralbaeva, U.D. Berikbolova
Factors of the competitiveness growth of the Kazakhstan regions 
M.G. Vorontsovа
Activity management in the sphere of culture  in modern conditions
J.A. Ermakova, V.S. Bogdanova
Assessment of the condition and tendencies of commodity policy on the oil processing entities
G.G. Kryuchkov
Economic and mathematical model of forecasting for market conjuncture of vegetable products
M.G. Lapaeva, A.A. Gushchina
The basic properties of local markets
R.V. Nekrasov, E.P. Gusakova, M.V. Petrov
Stimulation of innovative activity in the agrarian and industrial complex of the samara region
Y.V. Rozhkova
The impact of the systemic customs functions on the improvement of customs administration in integration conditions 
N.V. Skuzovatova
Logistic aspects in the activities of the trade enterprises in the Orenburg region
S.A. Starostina
Risks in the consumer crediting system and ways of their management
V.A. Shilov
Comparative analysis of microfinance and banking institutions in the short term lending market in Russia
Yu.V. Chutcheva, Т.А. Goroshnikova, N.D. Asadova
System of formal and informal financing of China
E.G. Logunova
Mercy phenomenon: historical and psychological aspect
R.Yu. Rakhmatullin
Creativity: problem of definition
M.V. Banket, D.V. Shapoval, A.S. Bakunov
Application of natural gas in public bus transport in Omsk on condition of rational distribution of gas filling stations