D.V. Ankin 
Between theory and the work of art
N.K. Borisyuk, E.I. Kutsenko, L.V. Kirchmeer
Production management abroad: development of theory and practice
T.D. Degtyareva, A.L. Kryuchkov
Evaluation of the level of inter-firm cooperation in the implementation of outsourcing
O.P. Sapegina
Factors affecting the formation of an innovative climate in Russian regions
T.N. Syrovatkina, O.I. Fedorova
Transaction costs of households in the sphere of specification and protection of property rights in the housing market
I.A. Apollonov 
The national idea in the context of the boundaries of national culture
I.A. Belyaev
The right of war as a social mechanism of suppression of the destructivity of inter-military interaction
A.V. Golubinskaya
Social –philosophical issues of irrelevant mind in the context of modern life
E.I. Kuznetsova
Social constructionism as a philosophical principle of the research of the anthropogenic symbolic realities 
A.I. Muss
Features of cognitive science and philosophical anthropology in the context of human study
E.D. Guzha, M.A. Skorokhod
Complex optimization of the transportation system based on a hub airport
N.A. Zemlyanushnov, N.Y. Zemlyanushnova
The definition of theoretical power characteristics of compression springs dependence on compression load during reestablishment
V.V. Meleshin, B.S. Naumenko
The methods of diagnosis on an inertial bench by power indicators
P.S. Romanov, I.P. Romanova 
Optimization of the parameters of the transport process based on heuristic algorithms of the salesman aims
M.I. Filatov, K.V. Gribkov, V.A. Sologub
Analysis of constructions of synchronizers of mechanical transmissions