J.R. Gildeeva, M.N. Tolmachev
Bank guarantee: as a universal tool for minimizing the risk of the customer in public procurement system
Yu.S. Efimova
Current state of receivable and payable accounts of commercial organizations in the Orenburg region and the direction of its optimization
A.N. Kibataeva
Econometric modelling of influence of factors on the cost of individual houses in rural areas of the Orenburg region
A.Y. Kolodyazhnaya
Assessment of positions of territorial subjects of the Russian Federation on the level of the public debt
D.V. Likhachev
Research of dynamics and structure of investments into economy of the Orenburg region
A.S. Melnikova
Methodical approaches to the assessment of the impact of foreign investments on the social and economic potential of the region
V.V. Nosov, A.S. Gorbacheva
Classification of subjects of the Russian Federation on the condition of subsided agricultural insurance
V.S. Osipov
Market architecture of the shoe industry in Russia
V.V. Popov
Retrospective analysis of development of reporting on collecting customs payments in the Russian Federation
D.V. Sizov, G.D. Grebnev
Analytical ensuring of physical protection in the system of economic security of universities
M.A. Khamukov
Screening of «big data» to detect cartels in industry
A.G. Shelomentsev, S.V. Doroshenko, D.V. Valko
The development factors of the regulatory impact assessment at the municipal level
G.L. Tulchinsky, V.V. Mironov, B.V. Markov, R.Yu. Rakhmatullin, A.M. Maksimov, V.A. Bazhanov, I.A. Belyaev
Honest philosophy
I.G. Kirin, E.V. Tsvetkova
Noiseproof fiber-optic information transmission line with the reflectometric system of attenuation diagnostics
A.M. Semenov, V.R. Ishbulatovа
The support system of decision-making according to quality of rendering social services with elements of artificial intelligence
N.G. Semenova, L.A. Semenova, K.R. Valiullin
Internal lighting management on the basis of fuzzy logic inference
Y.A. Ushakov, A.L. Konnov, P.N. Polezhaev
Corporate network simulation based on the principles of software defined infrastructure and network function virtualization
V.N. Shepel, V.A. Tripkosh
The recognition algorithm of the production situations in management information systems based on compound bayesian task decision
E.P. Barylnikova, A.T. Kulakov, I.P. Talipova
Model of a choice of a rolling stock for cargoes transportation by motor transport
N.V. Yakunina, N.N. Yakunin, O.M. Menshikh
Influence of legal regulation of the organizational and functional structure of the subject of motor transport activity on the safety of passengers transportation
A.P. Fot, S.V. Kamenev, M.Y. Tаrova
Nomograms for determining the endurance of plates used in links of driving roller chains