Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor

Place of employment: Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Management of Socio-Economic Systems, Moscow State University of Food Production

The presence of awards, incentives: the medal "For merits in the conduct of the All-Russian population census"; gratitude of the OSU (order No. 18 of January 21, 2008, “In connection with the annual competition for the title of“ The Best Group of OSU ”); the departmental distinction “For merits in the conduct of the All-Russian population census 2010”; Gratitude of the Ural State University (order No. 61 of February 18, 2013, “For active participation in the competition of monographs, textbooks and teaching aids”); award for creating a monographic report for 2006–2011. about the research activities of the Department of Statistics and Econometrics , Orenburg State University; personal prize for young candidates of science for the work “Statistical study of the historical time series of agricultural production in Russia”; Award for the creation of a monograph "Innovation-oriented approach in ensuring the socio-economic development of rural areas of municipalities"; OSU thanks (order No. 54 of February 3, 2014, “For the progress achieved in scientific work”); OSU thanks (Order No. 34 of January 28, 2015, “For the Achievements in Scientific Work”); entering on the OSU Honor Board (Order No. 01 dated January 12, 2015, “For fruitful pedagogical, scientific, and methodological work, progress made, superior performance”); certificate of honor for a significant contribution to the cause of training, education and personnel formation for state statistics bodies and in connection with the 60th anniversary of the founding of Orenburg State University.

Research interests include studies of real economic and social phenomena by statisticians, econometric and multidimensional statistical methods. Monographs - 3, textbooks - 3, textbooks - 5, articles - 130.

Hirsch Index: 17

E-mail: zipin@yandex.ru 

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1914-0719