Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.

Place of employment: Head of the Department of Ontology and Theory of Knowledge, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov

Chairman of the dissertation council at Moscow State University D.501.001.37 in philosophical sciences.

The presence of awards, incentives: the medal "Order of Merit to the Fatherland I degree" (2013); medal "Order of Merit to the Fatherland II degree" (2005).

Recognized as Distinguished Professor of Moscow University (2009) and Honorary Professor of MARTIN BUBER UNIVERSITY (MBU) Netherlands, Kerkrade (2012).

Subjects of research - ontology, theory of knowledge, philosophy of consciousness, philosophy of language, cognitive sciences, metaphysics, cultural studies, communication, methodology of science, transformation of culture.

The number of publications over the past 5 years - 106; including in publications: Web of Science - 4, Scopus - 1, RISC - 39.

Hirsch Index: 17.

e-mail: vlamironov@yandex.ru